GF Issue 54

Finalist spotlight: THE LEARNING EXPERIENCE The best children’s and education nominee proves its playful curriculum and colorful characters are key to cultivating a successful franchise opportunity Meanwhile, Gibby Gibbon who was born deaf assists in teaching sign language and Flexi Flamingo teaches the benefits of being healthy and fit. The Learning Experience has also extended its inclusive focus to franchisees. The business has lowered the barrier of entry and ensures the financial commitment is manageable for those keen to invest. It does this by providing turn-key leased facilities at a high rate of production. “The TLE real estate model is completely unique in comparison to the industry,” says David Slavny. “Our team research high growth areas around the country, source the location, partner with developers to build, then equip and set up the center, before handing franchisees the keys.” The upfront approach to establishing new locations has led to big and fast growth for The Learning Experience, which has encountered high occupancy among franchisees, with revenue numbers relative to top performers in the space. This success has clearly been reassuring for franchisees, as multi-unit ownership across the brand is high. Externally, The Learning Experience has The daycare center caters to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners with its tailored, branded L.E.A.P. curriculum and fun characters. Class sizes are small with qualified teachers who focus on positive reinforcement and problem- solving activities – an approach which has enabled the franchise to establish more than 370 centers across the U.S. and two in the UK. Classrooms and playground designs are aligned to the developmental level of each age group, with a particularly strong focus on social-emotional skills such as cooperation and sharing. Parents are also able to retain visibility on their child’s daily schedule and activities by checking the brand’s mobile app. High quality childcare is highly prized by today’s parents, who are looking to send their children to a safe environment that enables education as well as fun. US-based franchise, The Learning Experience, has aimed to place these demands at the center of its offering, having developed L.E.A.P. (The Learning Experience Academic Program) – a branded program designed to help various age categories advance their intellectual and social skills. Since 2002, children ranging from infants to kindergarteners have attended The Learning Experience locations, with the opportunity to enroll in initiatives such as language immersion, STEM programs, and outdoor play. These are activities parents can track and gain reassurance from via the brand’s parent portal. However, although The Learning Experience has a strong academic focus, the brand has made conscious efforts to ensure fun remains core within its day-to-day teachings, creating generous space for play. For example, more than 90 friendly and inclusive characters front the brand, with each one representing a different aspect of the curriculum. The main mascot, Bubbles the Elephant, guides children throughout their daily adventure in the classroom. also been acknowledged by industry sources such as Entrepreneur which named the business its number one childcare franchise. Meanwhile, Franchise Business Review similarly awarded The Learning Experience the top spot among its ranking of education franchises. Currently, the business has more than 370 centers operating across the U.S., with two more in the UK. Going forward, The Learning Experience hopes to continue this expansion on home soil and overseas, while setting itself even higher targets to continue its development. Year Established: 2002 UK, 2005 globally Number of franchised outlets: 372 Location of units: Nationwide Investment range: $600K -$750K Minimum required capital: $200K Contact: GLOBAL FRANCHISE.COM 55 SPOTL IGHT: THE LEARNING EXPERI ENCE AWARDS 2024 FINALIST